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Founded in the year 2005, Sreenag Pictures is an award-winning photography company, specialising in the visual documentation of architecture and interiors, through photography and video.

The focus of Sreenag Pictures has always been to offer fresh, high quality imagery that satisfies the specific needs of its individual Clients. While this is the focus of many photographers, what sets us apart from the majority is that our work is backed by professional service, providing our clients with peace of mind once they hire us.


Our consistency and the promise of delivering great photographs on time, every time, has resulted in us photographing hundreds of projects for a variety of clients - from small, specialist enterprises to multi-billion dollar corporations.



Sreenag’s journey into photography began at a very early age, being the 3rd generation in his family to make their living with a camera. Photography basics were established long before college, as a career in this field was always the goal.

He always had a passion for design & architecture, and read extensively about them while growing up. So when the time came to start his practice, it was only natural to combine his passion, with his skills as a photographer. He is one of the few in the country to specialise in architectural photography and has won awards in doing so.

Sreenag is a firm believer in knowledge-sharing, so apart from the business of photography, he teaches photography at colleges and to the general public as well.

Great photos are a basic expectation when you hire a professional,

but here is what sets us apart:


We believe photography is not just an art, but a service.  We provide you with quality customer service, immaculate paperwork, regular assignment  updates and in-depth preparation for each  shoot.    We give you peace of mind


17 years in the industry.
350+ projects photographed.

May your photography requirements be challenging or simple, we have the background, the knowledge and the experience to provide you with great photos.


We understand that sometimes you need work done urgently and you need it done well.  Over the hundreds of projects we have photographed, we have handled 5-month long assignments and 24-hour deliveries. Every job completed and delivered on time.

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