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Founded in the year 2005, Sreenag Pictures is an award-winning photography company, specialising in the visual documentation of architecture and interiors, through photography and video.


We know that we work in a niche. We don't approach an architectural shoot like any other. Our photography is not just the vision of the photographer. It is the vision of the architect as well.


Our detail and planning oriented approach has helped us shoot hundreds of projects for clients who come back to us time and again, because we make it a priority to understand the project from the architect's point of view before we even visit the site.


We work with large firms, small firms and single-person operations with the same enthusiasm and commitment to delivering the best imagery and the best experience.



Sreenag’s journey into photography began at a very early age, being the 3rd generation in his family to make their living with a camera. Photography basics were established in childhood, as a career in this field was always the goal.

He always had a passion for design & architecture, and read extensively about them while growing up. So when the time came to start his practice, it was only natural to combine his passion, with his skills as a photographer. Getting a start in 2005, meant that Sreenag was one among a small number of architectural photographers in the country at a time when the practice wasn't mainstream and social media didn't exist. 

Since then, the goal continues to be to shoot exciting work, to keep learning and keep offering something new, in his own style.

Sreenag is a firm believer in knowledge-sharing, so apart from the business of photography, he teaches and talks photography at every opportunity.

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